Etereo provides companies and brands expert on-point consultancy to establish and fortify themselves via digital marketing by offering services such as:

Google Ads/SEM and Google Search Ranking/SEO.

Let us work together with you to work on realistic goals and budget.

Here at Etereo,

High-Converting Leads

We improve conversion by using strategic keywords and customising target audience who are ready to buy.

Quality Ads

Craft effective and efficient messages to engage with your customers, and raising quality score as one of our campaigns’ goals.


Rely on real-time data and insights on consumer search queries and behaviour to make rational decisions and improve performance.

Revamp Your Brand’s Digital Experience

With combined expertise from in-house digital marketing experts, copywriters and web designers, we are constantly exploring ways to increase click through experience.

At Etereo, We Fulfill These Conditions

Increase Traffic

Reach Out to More Customers

Correct Target Audience

Increase Retention

Increase Sales

Standing Out from Others

Interesting facts that show you why Google Marketing is important!

Did you know these about SEO/SEM?


Over 63% of all searches are performed using Google.

Source: SMA Marketing

Search engines drive 300% more traffic to your website than social media.

Source: SMA Marketing

75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are searching for.

Source: Clutch

3.5 billion Google searches are made every day.

Source: Internet Live Stats

35% of product searches start on Google.

Source: eMarketer

Our Client Story

Le Xin Catering | F&B Industry


  • Drive brand awareness
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Increase in conversions

The Challenge

  • Highly competitive industry online & offline

Integrated Strategies & Execution

  • Deep analysis on competitors’ keywords, consumer behaviour & expectations
  • Relevant keywords that attract quality leads
  • Quality ads
  • Clear call-to-action
  • Ongoing optimisation of campaigns
  • A/B testing


After the launch of their first SEM campaign (30-days-period), Le Xin Catering saw their daily users to the website increase by 196% (28.6 vs 84.5). Additionally, the campaign generated 71 conversions. Engaging in SEM not only allowed Le Xin Catering to appear on the first page of Google SERP but also attract more quality traffic.

With the campaign only in its first month, continuing to analyse and translate data collected into actionable insights remains essential in order to ensure the SEM campaign stays relevant and well-optimised. For example, besides making sense of consumers’ search queries and making necessary tweaks to keywords, it is also important to make enhancements to ads for them to attract more quality clicks.

With continuous optimisation, improved campaign performance is of no surprise.

Within a 10-months-period starting from their second month 15 Dec 2018, Le Xin Catering enjoyed better results:

  • Avg monthly conversion: 82/ month
  • Avg daily user: 98.2 users

With SEM campaign in place, not only have Le Xin Catering’s leads and revenue improved but also their brand awareness has increased exponentially.

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