Rebranding Your Business

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Why you need to start afresh

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” – Max De Pree

At Etereo, we believe that change is the only constant and our choices are to either swim using the currents of change to propel our progress or to sink under its weight. Brands constantly need to field changes in their environment, but they often have difficulty doing so. 

That is where we come in. We help brands devise proactive and reflexive strategies to flow with change and grow far into the future. 

Sometimes, this entails revitalising the brand or even starting anew. 

Why do businesses rebrand themselves? 

Businesses, like everything else in life, evolve with time. 

Some changes are huge and abrupt. The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, forced many companies and retail spaces to move their entire business online; in the strange times that followed, they also had to rethink the concept of community and togetherness.  

Without black swan events like Covid-19 though, changes still happen and they are no less powerful in pushing your business to move in a different trajectory. Sometimes a brand might find itself no longer relevant in an increasingly saturated industry filled with undifferentiated competitors. Sometimes the product and service they are selling are simply no longer useful or popular.  

In most cases, we find that the brand rests on good bones but fail to connect with their audiences. This means that their work is they do valuable work and have a lot of potential, but their brand system is either weak or misaligned. 

What happens during the rebranding process? 

In our previous blog, we’ve established that building a brand strategy starts with a purpose. 

Businesses whose goals and directions have changed might be interested in looking into rebranding and redefine their purpose. This might entail coming up with a new mission and vision statement to align with the updated purpose. 

This isn’t to disavow everything the brand stands for and what their audiences know them to be. When brands rebrand and state a redefined purpose, it is often the result of recognising that the business needs to evolve and focus on what is currently their biggest strengths. 

It could also be that businesses are clear about what they want to achieve – most of them do, in fact – but they didn’t pay attention to aligning their mission or goals with their purpose, resulting in a confused identity and miscommunication with their audience. All great ideas need to be followed up with great execution. 

Businesses that are clear about their purpose and still stand by it but are struggling to connect or communicate this to their audience, might just need a revamp. 

Bion – a case study in revamping 

Bion earned its reputation as a trusted medical provider of healthcare devices to hospitals all over Singapore, but they want to expand their influence and improve the quality of life for the wider community by diversifying its range of homecare, home diagnostic and lifestyle products as part of a movement to promote happier, healthier conscious living. 

With this in mind, they engaged Etereo to rebrand and better position themselves in the lifestyle market while still retaining their identity as a medical provider in Singapore. 



To match their new warm and family-oriented direction, we removed the sharp edges of Bion’s logo and used circles in the foundation of their current logo to convey joy and fulfilment. Most importantly, the new logo emphasises the letter “i” to represent a caring individual. Bion believes that to live well, the person must take of themselves so they can take care of their loved ones. 


To go with their refreshed look, Bion’s new tagline supports their purpose while subtly letting you know they intend to make an impact in your daily lives



Social media is the largest and most effective tool of communication nowadays. Before, when Bion was primarily a healthcare device distributor, their Instagram feed focused on pushing their latest products. After shifting closer to the lifestyle and wellness space, they show their products in the context of people’s homes, demonstrating the benefits of their products in your everyday life as well as expounding the values of staying healthy for your family. 

Ready for a fresh start? 

You’re not throwing away years of work or going against what you believe; you are simply moving in a new direction and evolving your business. 

Are you ready to take the plunge, paint a fresh, new picture for your brand and get with the times? 

Contact us today.