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Etereo is a visionary creative agency established in Singapore, specialising in branding and digital marketing.

We propel results-driven growth for businesses.

Etereo translates to ethereal, and that is how we envision our work to be. Be it branding or digital marketing, we desire for our work to be exquisite and elegant to the point where they seem otherworldly. Brands we craft must resonate with context, and have distinctive brand identities and personalities to grow into, beyond the present. Our content strategies and solutions defy spatial and temporal boundaries so that your brand will shine, regardless of location and time.


Our recent awards have recognised our commitment and belief in providing work of the highest quality for our clients. We are proud to share that we won the Bronze A’Design Award in 2020, and received the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) Award under the branding category in 2021.

Singapore Good Design Awards (SG Mark)

Established in 2013, the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) Awards seek to affirm and acknowledge companies who have enhanced development for businesses and enriched lives for communities through specialised solutions.

Projects submitted should relieve the challenges that businesses face, set the industry standard, and most importantly, present forward-looking strategic value to businesses for them to grow despite future challenges.

Announced in May 2021, we are excited to announce that we are proud recipients of the SG Mark Award under the branding category for Playpoint’s rebranding project.

A’ Design Award and Competition

Established in Italy, A’ Design Award and Competition is a highly distinguished competition that seeks to promote good design practices and principles worldwide. Designs submitted for judging come from a diverse background, ranging from architecture to even packaging.

In 2020, we had the opportunity to submit the re-packaging design for ADORE だいすき – which we conceptualised and crafted during their rebranding project – for judging in this prestigious competition.

Etereo is wholly proud to announce that we have won the Bronze A’ Design Award for our efforts.

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