Cogent Holdings

Shipping and logistics


Brand Audit, Brand Purpose, Brand Story, Brand Positioning


Brand Identity, Brand Applications

Reinforcing the prestige of a leading logistic company.

Cogent Logistics seeks to solve problems through efficiency and connectivity. As such, they value integrity, progress and innovation, and needed a sleek corporate identity to match. In their rebranding journey, Etereo crafted stronger brand assets to go with their new identity and convey Cogent’s drive to empower businesses around the world.


Moving the world forward.

Cogent Holdings is the first in the world to own a sky depot, so everything that represents the company has to look impressive and distinctive, from the deep shade of green we chose as their brand colour to the flame element in their logo. Their corporate identity and distinctive assets were designed to reflect Cogent’s values, including the high standard of responsibility they hold themselves to. When dealing with real-time situations, they work with accountability and respect towards each other, doing what is right and staying true to their beliefs. In doing so, they build an unshakeable trust with customers and partners alike.

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