We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help your brand shine

Etereo translates to ethereal, and that is the vision we have for the works that we create. We desire for our craft to be exquisite and elegant to the point where they seem otherworldly. Etereo’s Brand Consultants are certified and accredited by international certification bodies (TÜV SÜD) as well as recognised by Enterprise Singapore to help Brands embark on the Strategic Brand & Marketing EDG programme. Etereo is also a PSG vendor on pre-approved digital marketing solutions.

What we do

At Etereo, we follow a proven methodology….


Brand Audit

In the discovery stage, we immerse ourselves in the heart of your brand to find out everything – your history, your strengths, your pain points, your audience – and most importantly, what drives you. 



After getting to know you, we will conceptualise and fine-tune a brand system specifically for your business, based on what we determined is your purpose, mission and values. 


Design Concept

With a solid strategy in place, we then move onto crafting your brand identity, the foremost visual elements by which you will be recognised. This includes your logo, colour scheme, font and other relevant assets. 



Through the art of storytelling and our specialty in digital marketing, we create a plan for content that will be authentic to your brand and meaningful to your audience, across all touchpoints. 



Your brand is now ready to go LIVE. Equipped with strong branding and the appropriate communication strategy and content plan, activate all your main channels and start engaging with your audience. 



After launch, we will monitor the traction of your brand and analyse the results of your sales or marketing campaigns and your social media performance. Our learning will help you improve and grow constantly.

  • Brand Consultancy

Your brand begins, and is sustained, by your purpose.

Everything else follows, creating a viable brand system in which every element of your brand aligns. Just as trees have a root system, so too must a business possess a brand system. An impeccable brand system anchors and sustains a viable business, nurturing its growth while helping it weather through tough times. Furthermore, it allows effective communication, increasing your reach and further cementing a relationship with people. No two brands are alike; every business has a core competitive advantage. Together, we will discover your unique identity and express your distinctiveness to get your brand to align, engage, and resonate with your target audience.

  • Digital Marketing

Speak to people, not consumers. 

In the age of online overcrowding, you make a bigger impact when you cut through the noise with the art of storytelling. Stand out as an authentic brand with a consistent and impactful digital presence, making your purpose and values clearly known to your audience. 

Combining strategy, design and copy, we create meaningful content to increase your brand’s digital presence and achieve the outreach results you’ve always wanted. 

  • Design Projects

Small changes go a long way.

Need a new logo or a fresh look? Sharpen your existing brand assets and enhance your visuals by engaging our ad-hoc design services. It’s not just a quick makeover; it’s a simple but vital change that will make all the difference for your business. 


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