Revitalising a Fading Presence through Branding: Everbest

Trends come and go quickly in our day and age, particularly when it comes to fashion. Styles are quick to change, because the younger generation are chasing after cheaper clothing that can be easily replaced with newer, trendier pieces.

Younger consumers look favourably upon brands who update their styles quickly at lower prices, and support brands who provide a wide range of styles to suit their needs. However, this leaves mid to high end brands who concentrate more on quality over speed and quantity behind in the dust.

One such brand is Everbest, who was unable to keep up with the speed of fast fashion and struggled with coming up with different designs at a quicker speed. Founded in 1979, Everbest is known for their simplistic, luxurious, high-quality handbags and shoes that are affordably priced.

Over time, they faded from the forefront of Singapore’s fashion industry, even as they tried their best to keep up with rapid market changes. Because Everbest wanted to retain the integrity and quality of their products, they would take a long time ideating and implementing their designs, thus losing out to brands who could quickly provide trending pieces. In this way, Everbest couldn’t appeal to the younger consumers.

However, there was, and always is, still hope. In this case study, we’ll share how Everbest revitalised their presence and reinforced their position as one of Singapore’s oldest fashion brands through a rebranding project.

To rejuvenate the brand so that they can capture the hearts of their target audience, we overhauled their outdated brand system and ideated fresh branding, positioning, and messaging strategies to re-engage their consumers. With their new brand system, we aim to bridge the gap between Everbest and their consumers.

With any rebranding project, the first step to take is to re-understand the behavioural trends, likes and dislikes, as well as the opinion of their target audience. To do so, we began community outreach surveys through social media to better understand how to connect with their target audience.

We realised that the older generation knew Everbest, and what the brand stood for. When it came to the younger generation, however, many had heard of the brand through their parents, but did not purchase from her. Thus, we knew that we had to update the brand’s visuals and messaging strategies to appeal to the younger generation.

We began with their logo, which was kept as a wordmark because their brand name itself is one that is memorable. Although simple, it is reflexively modern and contemporary, accentuating their elegance and class as a brand who prioritises quality over quantity.

Their monogram was to be used as a design element in their products. We kept it simple to match their entire outlook, and so that it could be easily adapted to the different products as well.

Everbest requested to retain their signature brown colour, which was a great idea. Because they already had a pool of existing and loyal customers returning to purchase their shoes, there was already brand recall and loyalty associated with Everbest’s primary colours.

However, we suggested pastel shades to replace their current shades. Pastel would make the outlook of the brand softer and modernised as compared to before.

We also expanded the range of their secondary colours to give an additional pop of colour to the brand. Complementary secondary colours breathe vibrancy and life into the otherwise stale colour palette, breaking the monotony of their primary colours.

When deciding which brands to support, consumers want to feel like a part of a community. Hence, to appeal to Everbest’s consumers, we created a whole set of collateral to improve their brand experience. Brand experience contributes to forming long lasting relationships that supersedes a mere transactional one.

By improving the brand experience at various customer touchpoints – not just during the sales cycle – consumers will be able to feel the friendliness of the brand. When consumers remember your brand in a positive light, they will want to return to you thereafter.

Increasing a Brand’s Appeal

Everbest is well-known for their products of high quality, and we hoped to resound that message throughout their new brand identity. By keeping their entire brand polished and classy, we emphasised the timelessness and luxuriousness of Everbest as a brand.

With their new brand system in place, Everbest can now launch their marketing campaigns with ease to appeal to their target audience.

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