Emphasising Reliability through Consistency: Spero Aesthetics

In today’s competitive beauty industry, brands must earn the trust of their consumers to enjoy their continuous support and patronage. Competition in the beauty industry is intense, with thousands of brands fighting for the attention of consumers around the globe.

It’s no different for distributors of skincare products, because competition is equally as fierce. Retailers must first trust their distributors before willingly carrying those products in their store. Without a doubt, product quality plays a salient role in building trust. However, there are other methods to help brands reinforce the trust that consumers have in them.

In this case study, we’ll be sharing how Spero Aesthetics reinforced the trust their retailers have in them through rebranding. A locally established brand, Spero Aesthetics distributes aesthetic products to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and general practitioners, who in turn sell these products to their own consumers.

With over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry, and as someone who has worked with top brands in the aesthetic line, Adam, the founder of Spero Aesthetics, knew that the key to building a strong and loyalty customer base was trust.

It’s been proven that an average of five to seven consistent impressions are necessary for a consumer to remember a brand, but achieving consistency is easier said than done. Most beauty brands require a marketing team consisting of multiple designers and writers, working together to create content for both online and offline channels.

The designers and writers – each with their own style and taste – might use different tone of voice, imagery, typography, layouts, and colours. This results in inconsistency, which will eventually hurt a brand’s image, because recognition and recall cannot happen.

What then, would help a brand achieve consistency?

The Brand System

The easiest way to maintain consistency is by adhering to a brand system. It acts as a guide for brands, dictating the verbal and visual style of collaterals. This reduces the risk of a brand’s collaterals being inconsistent because no matter who creates the content, they will always have guidelines to follow.

Understanding your Target Audience

Spero Aesthetics began formulating their brand system by understanding how to appeal to their target audience. We found out what made their current consumers trust Spero Aesthetics as a brand during the first phase. Then, using the information learnt, we crafted their brand system, which consists of verbal and visual style guidelines to ensure the brand’s consistency.

Logo – Refreshing the old and making it new

Through the brand audit, we learnt that Spero Aesthetics’ name was well-known and remembered by their consumers. We kept their logo simple but hoped to update their brand typography with a modern outlook. Hence, a simple and minimalistic font was chosen for their wordmark, underscoring the brand’s timeless elegance.

Their old logo had an alpha symbol that held deep meaning for the founder of the brand. However, its large size meant that attention was drawn to the symbol first, prior to the brand name. To prevent the logo mark from overshadowing the brand name, we relegated it to the top instead, resizing it and embellishing it with simple design elements to allow their brand name to stand out.

A rebranding project doesn’t mean that the entire identity and history of the brand have to be replaced. As a creative agency, we must understand the culture and history of a brand. Certain legacies are meant to stay, even in the wake of a rebranding exercise. We value the rich history of each brand that we work with and strive to preserve the heritage of every brand.

Other Collaterals

Because their business collaterals are most seen by Spero Aesthetics’ consumers, we had to ensure that they are all visually similar and consistent to project reliability and trustworthiness.

Growing in Trust

With their verbal and visual guidelines in place, compiled neatly into a brand book, Spero Aesthetics can now take their brand to the next level. The brand book that we’ve created for them extends to both the online and offline sphere, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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