Going International with a Credible Brand: Playpoint

Having a consistent, credible, and consonant brand system is imperative for brands who intend to internationalise. Without a consistent set of branding rules to guide the team established in the new country, brands are at risk of losing their purpose and essence, with scattered messaging strategies and visual designs for their collateral.

On the contrary, if brands were to have a strong brand system in place prior to expanding overseas, their brand presence will be amplified both internationally and locally, rather than diluted. When looking at brands with strong international presence, you might notice that their marketing efforts are consistent and similar, with only minute differences to appeal to the locals of that country.

For this case study, we’ll share how we prepared Playpoint for their internationalisation efforts through a rebranding project.

Established in 2001, Playpoint is an award-winning playground and landscaping consultancy. Founded with the aim of creating atypical and extraordinary designs, Playpoint has since surged ahead of other playground consultancies to lead the pack, boasting of a wide array of whimsical and engaging playgrounds.

With an increasing number of offices blooming around Asia, Playpoint saw the need for a brand system to ensure that nothing is lost in translation when their messages are disseminated overseas. As a market leader in Asia for bespoke Playground designs, they hoped to project a consistent, reassuring, and united presence globally.

In this project, we crafted a credible brand system to align both their internal and external brand communications. In addition to that, we also pivoted their position to underscore that they are adroit playground designers.

The pivot in position was necessary as Playpoint was ready to transcend their image of being mere builders, and maintainers of playgrounds. Rather than simply creating beautiful and innovative designs, their purpose extended far beyond that into looking at developing spaces that a community needs.

They hoped to craft spaces where different generations could connect – children meeting other children and parents sharing about their day with one another. Be it to play, work out, or to simply have a sit down to chat, Playpoint would have a brilliant solution to all the needs of wants of the community.

Playpoint’s new identity was inspired by building blocks, which are fundamental units that a structure comprises of and is built upon. Their brand mark (icon) comprises of uniquely shaped building blocks, meticulously pieced together to form the alphabet “P”. The alphabet represents Playpoint as a whole entity, while the circle that complements it signifies their wholesome attitude and approach to their craft.

These two elements unite to form their new logo: a representation of them as a collective – a complete whole that is greater than the sum of their parts.

To retain some aspects of their old identity, we kept their original primary colours of red and blue. While doing so, we wanted to highlight the fun, underlying personality that Playpoint has, which is why we added yellow to their colour palette.

Although they are serious about their work when it comes to ensuring the safety of the children who play on their playgrounds, they also have fun ideating and bringing to life creative designs that no others dare to do.

As a business-to-business brand, Playpoint keeps their social media account updated. This is where they connect with people from all walks of life who use their facilities and equipment, gathering feedback from them, and updating their partners of Playpoint’s latest happenings.

Gifting a sketchbook is an annual affair for Playpoint and is used to thank their partners for the past year’s support. Their partners can pen down their thoughts and important notes in the book, making this a well-thought-through gift.

Furthermore, this year’s sketchbook was special, as it marked Playpoint’s 20th anniversary since establishment. Featuring the winner of the sketch competition they held in 2020, the competition was held to encourage the younger generation to keep the spirit of designing creative and out-of-the-box playgrounds alive and going.

Progressing Together as A Cohesive, United Whole

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people would be especially thankful and convinced of the need for playground and landscaping consultancy firms like Playpoint. They are a reminder that tough times don’t last, and there will be one day where we all can gather under the sun once more.

By delineating their brand purpose clearly and strengthening their internal capabilities through this rebranding project, Playpoint is more than ready for expanding their overseas presence without losing their brand essence.

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