“It is in the roots, not the branches,
that a tree’s greatest strength lies.” 


Matshona Dhliwayo


Just as trees have a root system, so too must a business possess a brand system.


EDG and B2B Branding & Rebranding

At Etereo, branding is both our motivation and our method for propelling businesses to their peak. To us, EDG branding is the foundation of a business’s foray into the economic landscape, and is also the linchpin of sustainable growth.

An impeccable brand system anchors and sustains a viable business, nurturing its growth while helping it weather through the toughest of times. Not only that; effective communication stems from an adept EDG brand system, increasing a business’s reach to their clients and further cementing a relationship between the two. The Enterprise Development Grant or EDG branding helps Singapore companies grow and transform.

No two brands are alike, and every business has a core competitive advantage. Together, we’ll collaborate to discover your unique brand identity. Afterwards, we’ll translate your distinctiveness and embellish it with verbal and visual expressions that form deeper connections with your clients.

Come back with us to the basics – we promise we’ll set things straight for you. The grant provides a systematic solution to look into your EDG branding assets in an effective way.

Brand Audit

In this stage, we pick apart and examine the inner linings and seams that make up your business. We immerse ourselves in the workings of your entity to analyse and diagnose pain points your entity might have, as well as areas for improvement. We adopt behavioural perspective to learn how your EDG branding interacts with your audience.

Brand Strategy

Based on the findings from the thorough research conducted in the Audit stage, we formulate EDG branding strategies to craft your entity’s brand system, including verbal and visual expressions. We design the way we think and experiment with different ideas before conceptualising, balancing and fine-tuning the system to ensure that it is to your satisfaction – and ours.

Brand Activation

Based on the strategies formulated in the Strategy stage, we implement them and intertwine your new brand system into the heart and soul of your business. We design collaterals and write content, before uniting them to present meaningful and wholesome messages to your intended audience. Engage consultants with EDG branding recognised certification.

See your brand come to life as a living, breathing entity, tools at the ready to take on the world.

We believe that communications begin with a brand system and this is crucial in today’s context. With consumers facing tons of information from advertisers, it is challenging to get your Brand noticed before we can talk about brand recall.

Brand Consultant Singapore

So, what does branding agency do? The basic role is to discover your brand’s unique core competitive advantage, every brand has one and every brand is different. Once this is clearly defined, we will be translating them into visual, verbal, and experiences for your target audience.

Grow and Build your Brand now with the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

It allows Singapore SMEs to defray up to 70% of the project cost. (Up to 80% grant on the total project cost till 31 March 2023)

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) Programme aims to help Singapore companies grow and transform, build strong business foundations and strategies, improve competitiveness and increase resilience in this post-circuit breaker economy. Today and into the future, it is crucial to upgrade your business capabilities and expand your brand presence and reach.

We are EDG branding Certified Consultants to help SMEs in all industries to position their brands powerfully and achieve sustainable business growth. Enquire on your eligibility for EDG Grant for Branding and receive the support you need to evolve your business by connecting with us with your goals and plans.

To find out more about the EDG branding programme, visit Enterprise Singapore

Together with our TUV-SUD certified consultants, our team of strategists, designers and data analysts are committed to give every project our best. We take pride over these years in gaining confidence and valued trust from our clients.

And if you are looking at upgrading your capabilities with the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), we’d love to talk to you!