“Stopping advertising to save money is like
stopping your watch to save time.”


Henry Ford

We are the Agency for Digital Marketing in Singapore

Digital marketing leverages the digital sphere to build a wider base of consumers, ultimately increasing brand awareness and market share. Tangible growth from digital marketing strategies takes a longer time to surface, but they’re worth it. To enjoy authentic, genuine engagement with your target audience, your brand requires a consistent and impactful digital presence that can be felt by them.

There exists a wide variety of digital marketing tools at our disposal. However, no two brands are alike – brands oftentimes require a combination of tools configured specifically for them. After all, what works best for another brand might not work the same for yours.

As such, we are firm believers in creating impact for your brand through personalised digital marketing strategies that are tailored to your brand’s specific needs. By combining design and copy, we create meaningful content that increases your brand’s digital presence to achieve the outreach results you’ve always wanted.


When it comes to managing your brand’s social media, our purpose is to build lasting relationships with your customers through meaningful content. Memories from emotional connections outlive facts, translating to greater brand recall.

We can analyse and target the right digital audience for your brand and develop meaningful content to raise both brand awareness and loyalty.

Depending on what phase your brand is at, we set campaign goals in steps to achieve credible and tangible results for your business. The entire process is transparent and aligned to the specific marketing funnel that your brand needs.

With our strategies, we help your brand coordinate digital marketing campaigns, gaining access to a previously inaccessible range of audience, with outcomes that are real-time, trackable, and measurable.

Getting your brand to the top of the search engine results page is the fastest way to grow your brand, be it new or established. Using legitimate strategies, we help boost your brand’s visibility on the results pages, helping your customers find you easily.

By focusing on bidding for the right keywords, strategically placing your advertisements and retargeting the right audience, we help achieve instant conversions and raise awareness for your brand.

We help clients to boost their online presence through creative web designs that are fit for effective web marketing. As a well-thought-through website is an influential asset to reach out to your potential customers, it is imperative to improve your website efficiency alongside other digital marketing capabilities.

Etereo is a pre-approved PSG vendor on Digital Marketing Solutions.

Enjoy up to 50% grant support for the above solutions!

*SFEC-eligible employers may receive a further of up to 90% support on out-of-pocket expenses on qualifying costs.

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