Creating the Perfect Setting to Strengthen Brand Identity with Environmental Branding: Fiore Dorato

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In the age of the Internet – and the Covid-19 pandemic – people will typically discover a brand through its online presence, with 1 in 3 consumers doing so via social media. However, there is no doubt that providing an excellent in-store experience is what cements a customer’s trust and loyalty for most retail businesses, especially when they are selling products and services meant to enrich your real life or appeal to the senses.  

This is where environmental branding comes in. 

Why is environmental branding important? 

Environmental branding is the translation of a brand’s visual and emotive aspects into physical space. According to this article by Work Design Magazine, it presents companies with a unique canvas to share their story as soon as the customer walks in. When it comes to reinforcing a company’s identity, nothing is more compelling than a whole interior decked out in its official colours. Even accentuating the space with a hint of its colour palette goes a long way.  

Considering other elements like lighting, texture, sound and smells, there are countless possibilities to explore in interior design and architecture that can all support and amplify your brand. Think, for example, the burbling fountains and the scent of essential oils in spas like Natureland, putting clients in the mood to relax before their treatment begins. 

The exterior is important too, as it might be what draws the customer in. Other than having the logo on prominent signage, things like the size of the entrance, the design of the display cases and the visibility of the interior from outside help make a striking impression.  

What is the feeling you want your retail space to give customers? If you have a good grasp on your brand identity by now, you might be ready to answer this question and take the next step. 

Case study: Fiore Dorato 

Fiore Dorato is a luxury floral boutique where every occasion or milestone is celebrated through the language of flowers. Whether it is a beautiful bouquet you gift to a friend or a large-scale floral installation for your event, they aim to deepen the impact of the cherished moment with an inspiring floral arrangement that will linger in people’s minds even after it’s all over. As their tagline goes: Flowers never last. The impression will. 

Are you ready to experience Fiore Dorato? 

Before we step in, you might want to understand the personality traits and fundamentals in her brand strategy that set the design direction: 

Positioned as a sophisticated high-end boutique with expertise in exotic flowers, the space should exude prestige and confidence. But while the elements outlined in the graphic above are indeed associated with luxury, they also provide an intimate and peaceful atmosphere where people feel free to express themselves honestly. 

More than just a store where to buy flowers, Fiore Dorato is a safe haven where you learn to widen your appreciation for them as well.  

In the spirit of this, the store’s layout is an open concept space with exposed shelves and screens in lieu of barricades so customers can flow through easily and see into every section or room. Anchoring the space is a marble-topped worktable where they have a full view of the flower arranging, or where the magic happens. 

All of this, of course, goes hand-in-hand with good customer service. Not only are the staff at Fiore Dorato here to help you find the perfect flowers to suit your special occasion, but they are happy to impart knowledge about the blooms. 


If your business is about leaving lasting impressions and providing customers with wonderful memories like Fiore Dorato, you are actually going in a promising direction. According to recent studies on trends, nearly 80% of millennial customers would rather spend money on experiences rather than material things. So, it is really worth it to consider environmental branding – we would go as far as saying it is crucial! 

What are your brand’s personality and key attributes, and how would you go about expressing this through your retail space? 

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