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Building a website that gets conversions

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If you’re looking to launch a new website or revamp one, make sure you’re doing everything you can to increase your website traffic and conversion rate.

We’ll be looking at a case study to illustrate some of the strategies we discuss.

Here’s a list of 10 Web Conversion strategies for your website:

The Power of Content: Website Conversion



Your website should focus the best of your brand. Merge sharp visuals with well-written, fresh and easy-to-read content that promote your unique value proposition. It is not about just giving out information but successfully converting people to work with you or buy from you. Users are impatient, so be sure to layout the content by importance from top to bottom.


Share testimonials, case studies and samples of your work. If you’re a start-up, emphasise on your vision and mission, tell your Brand story. Familiarity builds trust and fosters emotional connection and brand affinity. Allow feedback and comments to gather insights from current and prospective customers who visit your site.


Sitemap is one of the most important elements of the website especially for e-commerce or content-heavy website. A clear navigation tells users where they are on the site. If the route through the website isn’t clear, users will most likely feel confused and leave. A sitemap benefits both users and search engine bots such as Googlebot, to easily find pages on your website and thereby increase traffic.

An example of a sitemap from The Ascott’s website, which is neatly organised, allowing you to jump to any page instantly.

a screenshot of The Ascott's website

Source: The Ascott


Make sure your website content reflects the multi-dimensional nature of your Brand. Don’t shy away from video or interactive content (do take note of loading speed though), try new things, new colours and put in the effort. Think of your website as your online storefront; put as much thought into the online experience as you would for in-store experience.


Most people come to your website for information or even to gain some understanding of what you have to offer. If they are trying to solve a Pain, Problem or Predicament, this is where you play doctor. The people in your target audience may not even know they have a problem, so it is your job to make them recognise it. Blogs, e-books, infographics and videos are great educational tools.


Always ensure your website’s downtime and loading time is kept to an absolute minimum. Ensure your Brand’s message, content, look and feel are consistent with all the website, so that it looks appealing, authentic and reliable. Your audience should recognize your brand almost instantly when they visit your site. Your meta description and content should always be updated on your website.


Create an easy to browse user interface for an exceptional web experience. Provide some click-worthy call-to-actions, hyperlinks and bottom-of-funnel content to guide your users to take necessary actions.


Sync your website with other elements of your digital presence, especially social media platforms or networking sites. Embed social share buttons on relevant pages and other content such as articles and e-books to allow users to instantly promote and share your content thus increasing visibility and word-of-mouth awareness to your Brand.

An example of a webpage with multiple social sharing functions.

A screenshot of social icons on an article

Source: The Drum


A responsive site makes mobile browsing easier and enjoyable as users nowadays are turning to mobile to access the web.
Mobile devices account for the most market share compared to desktop and tablet. Be sure to optimise your website and make it mobile friendly.


Imagine walking into a store and it’s cluttered and messy. You may walk out right away. Likewise, the last thing you want users to experience is a messy and disorganised website causing them to leave instantly. Is the design of your website welcoming or does it look boring and cluttered? Ensure the layout of your website has a fixed grid structure and standard typography, where users can easily recognise your corporate colours and consistency in images and content.

An example of Michelin’s website which uses fixed grid structure and its distinct corporate colours and images.

a screenshot of Michelin's website

Source: Michelin

Case Study

An example of a new e-commerce website with high conversion rate is Cat & the Fiddle, a cheesecake business available online.

1. Informative:

Contact number, shipping and delivery information on a fixed header for easy reference.

2. Interactive:

Sliding banners of exciting news and promotions are hard to miss.

3. Call-to-Actions:

Enticing images with “Add to Cart” function, leading customers to select and add to cart intuitively. More “Add-on” options ideally positioned right below its core products to enhance a smoother user experience.

4. Social Media:

Updated social media content and reviews neatly positioned below the e-commerce space to overcome any indecisiveness and scepticism.

5. Branding:

Killer logo stands out immediately creating interest of users.

6. Engaging:

Creative use of attractive images, colours and web design highly attracts its target audience.

7. Compelling:

Content that entices users to make a purchase right away.

8. Confidence:

A list of secure payment options and website accreditations allows users to take buying actions confidently.

9. Navigation:

Simple top menu and bottom navigation menu to instantly access other pages in the website.

10. Organised:

The layout of this website was truly built with its users in mind, with a smooth flow and ease of navigation.

a screenshot of a hompage
a screenshot of a product page
a screenshot of a write up
[images: www.catandthefiddle.com]


Closing Thoughts

Your business website is a channel to connect with your audience or potential customers. Make it aesthetically pleasing with a good design, attractive graphics and content with intuitive navigation.

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