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Empowering People and Progress

United Resources is a solutions provider offering essential products and innovative strategies to empower major industries and collectively drive progress in the world. We worked closely with the team to help their brand evolve and improve their positioning in the market as a partner for innovative businesses and organisations, not just as the manufacturers of chemicals and safety equipment. For this rebranding project, our focus is letting people know the entirety of what United Resources does, all of which is in the interest of creating conducive working environments and a society where everyone thrives.


Working together to improve lives.

When speaking to them, we learned that improvement and impact through innovation lie in the heart of their commitment to devise workplace solutions and build conducive environments where people can thrive. Besides essential products, UR offers professional consultancy and training services to ensure proper application and the desired outcomes in projects. The key here is communicating that: Together, with their partners, they are not just preparing for the future; they are part of the forces building it, changing human lives for the better along the way. United Resources believes in growing together and combining strengths. It's in the name. To show this unity, we “united” the initials of their name for their new logo to portray their trustworthiness, reliability and teamwork.
Their brand colour is and has always been orange, the founder’s favourite colour. It conveys their passion, warmth and friendliness, for which they are known as much as their technical expertise. In their long history, United Resources has acquired many connections and fostered strong relationships with their partners, allowing them to grow an extensive network over the years.

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