Wesmech Engineering



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Solidifying a brand, inside and out

Since establishment in 2001, Wesmech Engineering is a cut above the rest by remaining progressive and systematic. To differentiate themselves, they invest in their other assets to offer incomparably stellar products and top-notch services. By remaining open-minded, they continuously enhance their internal systems to stay effective and productive.


To rise to the challange

We came up with an internal and external brand system to help Wesmech Engineering carry out their branding impeccably. We started with the founder’s mission and vision, in which his company’s values are firmly embedded. Wishing to be a world-class engineering firm improving lives for communities, they always strive for excellence, professionalism, ethical practices and precision. To help them train their team to embody these values, we devised an elaborate brand system outlining their Personality Attributes and Guidelines.
Their logo is a combination mark, comprising the brand name as a word mark and an iconic logo. The latter is an interlocking of the brand’s initials, recalling the movement of two gears working together. After their branding journey, Wesmech Engineering is ready to take flight into the future, come what may.

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