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Liberating people from kitchen stress

Since 2014, BTL Food Trading has established itself as a trusted source of poultry, beef, seafood, and more. In 2019, they formed the Kin Loei brand to focus on their specialty, grilled pork skewers, or moo ping as it is known in Thailand where the co-founder is from, and established themselves as the first factory to produce them locally in Singapore. Along with other Thai-inspired dishes, they are offering their food items to households as convenient mealtime solutions.


Happy, hassle-free mealtimes

Besides offering a wide range of taste catering to every palette, Kin Loei also solves problems at home: giving easy options to those worrying about what to eat, relieving those who don’t have the time or bandwidth to cook, and feeding a group of people. After determining their brand pillars, we could help them convey the benefits of Kin Loei mealtime solutions to their super busy audience through an improved brand system and social media design concepts.

The idea of being able to prepare a Kin Loei meal in a few steps is not just so people can spend less time in the kitchen. It allows them to focus on the other things in life that might matter more – work, chores, leisure activities and those they are sharing the meal with. Convenience and deliciousness are the most obvious selling points, but through branding and social media plans, the pathos of Kin Loei is made known – bonding with loved ones over food and enjoying each other’s company more as a result of eliminating the time spent preparing a meal.
As you can imagine, a warm, fun-loving and community-oriented brand like Kin Loei has a zesty personality and we want their look to reflect those vibes. We love the meaningfulness and playfulness of their brand name so we knew the logo will be a wordmark.

Derived from the Thai word for “eat” (kin) and "Loei", the Thai province from which the co-founder hails from. The word “Loei” can also be used to add emphasis when paired with other words. As such, “Kin Loei” can also mean "吃啦!吃吧“ or "Eat Lah!" and embodies their passion and love for food. It also speaks to their ability to cater to different communities and create flavours everyone can enjoy, wherever they are.

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