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Driving the health and wellness movement.

Bion earned its reputation as a trusted medical provider of healthcare devices to hospitals all over Singapore. To reach to a wider community, they want to expand their influence and improve the quality of life for the wider community by diversifying its range of homecare, home diagnostic and lifestyle products as part of a movement to promote happier, healthier conscious living. They engaged Etereo to rebrand and better position themselves in the lifestyle market while still retaining their identity as a medical provider in Singapore.


Bion exists for everyone to enjoy a quality of life worth living.

To match their new warm and family-oriented direction, we removed the sharp edges and used circles in the foundation of their logo to convey joy and fulfilment. Most importantly, the new logo emphasises the letter “i” to represent a caring individual. Bion believes that to live well, the person must take care of themselves so they can take care of their loved ones. To go with their refreshed look, Bion’s new tagline supports their purpose while subtly letting you know they intend to make an impact in your daily life. They enable individuals to be there for their loved ones, too.

With you, every moment in life​

Social media is the largest and most effective tool of communication nowadays. Before, when Bion was primarily a healthcare device distributor, their Instagram feed focused on pushing their latest products. After shifting closer to the lifestyle and wellness space, they show their products in the context of people’s homes, demonstrating the benefits of their products in their customers’ everyday life as well as expounding the importance of staying healthy for their family.

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