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Taking Care of Women and Girls

Feminine care brand Adore offers the first negative ion plus sanitary napkins in Singapore. Not only do they manufacture high-quality products that make periods a fuss-free affair, but they also want to empower women and girls in their reproductive years by offering education and support on issues related to menstruation. To help Adore become the trusted caregivers they are today, we crafted a warm and compassionate brand identity that is reflected in their assets, including their package design, digital campaigns and content. Through these messages, Adore customers will know how much care and attention is being placed in the brand’s endeavours to not only alleviate their pain and discomfort, but to show them that feeling is good is possible while experiencing the time of the month.


To improve the well-being of every woman.

Adore was founded on a father’s love for his daughter and his wish to give the best for her. Inspired by this story, we knew we wanted this brand to extend its care and compassion to the community it provides for, which gave us the direction for creating Adore’s identity. The goal of Adore is in their name: they want to care for women, to adore them. Every design and message we crafted for them is in this spirit of care, bringing out the essence of Adore – warm, friendly, clean and fresh.
Because Adore caters to all their customers’ needs, they have a wide range of products that require their own unique design, including day pads, night pads, and combination packs. We chose the accentuating colour and the creative name for the packaging of each product type, all of which are in harmony with the brand visuals and language we devised in their strategy. The result is a brand of feminine care products that stand out in stores and promise comfort and freshness to the young women and girls Adore was made for. We are proud to win the Bronze A’ Design Award in 2020 for this work.
As a new generation of girls grows up, Adore is increasingly reaching their audience online so it was important to develop their digital channels, too. Their refreshed brand visuals were carried over to their new website and social media accounts, which we managed for a while after their rebranding exercise. Besides creating their digital templates to ensure attractiveness and consistency, we introduced content pillars that lets Adore fulfil their mission of showing care and compassion to their audience, beyond just creating products (albeit very good ones): educational topics about menstrual health, self-care tips, motivational messages and reminders about how beautiful they are.

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