Banking and Finance (Fintech)


Brand Audit, Brand Purpose, Brand Story, Brand Positioning 


Brand Identity, Brand Applications

Building trust in a
radical financial tool
for investors.

Private marketing has always been an opaque and risky endeavour, closed off to 
all except a few very wealthy and well-connected investors. ADDX wants to change that by creating an entry-level modern Fintech experience via a mobile app, thereby paving the way to a better 
and fairer financial ecosystem. This, of course, requires the building of trust. Etereo stepped in to imbue this revolutionary new platform with a look and personality that companies can feel is not only safe, but the key to unlocking possibilities. 


Easy access to
financial ecosystems  

To earn the users’ trust, one must do the work to understand the people behind the accounts: What are they trying to achieve? What are the challenges they currently face in investing and what can be done to help resolve them? Given the complex nature of this subject, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews with a pool of ADDX customers and derived the feedback needed to design their new brand identity, brand system and communication strategy. 

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