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Do you have the time and resources to manage your social media accounts? Is there any strategy to achieve the results that is widely claimed?

Let us work together with you to work on realistic goals and budget.

We design websites that focus on
User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI)

Relevant Content

Great Design

Seamless Experience (UX & UI)

Consistent Brand Image

Accelerated Performance

Mobile Responsive

At Etereo, We Fulfill These Conditions

Increase Traffic

Reach Out to More Customers

Correct Target Audience

Increase Retention

Increase Sales

Standing Out from Others

Let's start with a stylish and functional website before we move into web marketing!

Etereo | Design Phase


Strategic planning phase

The first step in developing a website is getting the information right. Things we need to do, what is the purpose, look and feel, any brand guidelines to follow, frequency of updates and ease of maintenance.

Frameworks and features phase

With the information in place, we start to work on the site map. Here, we will determine the number of pages and subpages to be built.

Concept and layout phase

This is the phase when we will propose the overall look and feel of your webpage. Apart from the overall design, we will propose the branding colours to use, the right images to use, layout for text and finally icons and symbols.

Optimisation phase

With all the design elements in place, we will work on the staging of the website, putting everything together. Once this has been done, we will be working on the backend part of the website, making sure that your webpages are SEO friendly.

Commissioning and testing phase

Finally, we will be doing testing on the functionality and compatibility issues that we need to cross-check between desktop, mobile and tablet view.

Knowledge transfer phase

Once the testing has been done and approved by you, we will be doing a handover of the management of the website to your team. Basic training on maintaining and updating of you CMS will be held during this handover.

What Sets Etereo Apart

Brand Differentiation

Our team strategically design, define and refine your website to the most accurate tone and style, to match your brand’s identity and personality.

Unique Experience

Every website experience can be uniquely tailored. Web experience is increased when functionalities and features are added on your website. Customisation can create a positive impact on your brand which translates to better conversion.

Search Engine Optimisation

We know exactly how to make SEO work for your website so that your organic search ranking is higher than your competition.

The Longer The Load Time,
The More Customers Lost

Google has started taking into account the speed and responsiveness of websites to determine mobile search rankings, which previously only affected desktop searches. Therefore, we place your website speed as one of our priorities to improve your search ranking as well as to boost seamless user experience and interface.


Online security measures should always be the top priority in any e-commerce site. We take pride in protecting users and ensuring customer data is not compromised.

Professional Visuals

High-quality visuals and design not only convey your message but also build trust and guide users to take action on your well-designed site.

Our Client Story

BRE Shower Innovation

Designed and developed by Etereo

Branding | Photography | Illustration | Content

BRE Shower Innovation specialises in high-grade soap shower sheets


Being a new and innovative product in the industry, we identified this as the foremost task; define the brand and distinguish it from other market players. Next, we conceptualise a set of brand identity and visual directions for the website.

We set the tone with the application of “fresh-clean” impression to the entire website depicting a refreshing and hygienic experience to consumers.


As cliché as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Visual communication of the product is still one of the most effective strategies to gain trust and confidence from the audience.


We put together detailed illustration to tell the story and to deliver a better understanding of the product usage and benefits to consumers.


While embodying the brand as a convenient product, we keep key content short and concise, targeting on-the-go consumers.

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