The Power of Content: 5 Telltale Signs That You Really Need SEO

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Simply having a website doesn’t necessarily mean your audience can find you immediately on Google. Most startups and businesses thought it was that direct. Frankly, there are a number of factors why your page isn’t found or converting for you.


Fun Fact: 93% of all traffic comes from a search engine

Before you start getting frantic thinking of all the possibilities, we have listed here 5 common signs you might face due to unsuccessful search engine optimisation (SEO) methods and strategies or lack thereof. Read on to find out:

#1 Ranking

If you would just enter a search query based on the keywords related to your business offerings, would you find competitors of similar nature on higher rankings than yours? You might think “why does my ranking fall behind my competitor when I am a bigger market player in the industry?”

#2 Conversion Rate

You seem to have a reasonably good site traffic every month, yet you can’t understand why your conversion rate is so low.

#3 Bounce Rate

Even if you garner a substantial site traffic, your visitors leave your site within short seconds.

#4 Traffic

The traffic on your website has been stagnant or there is a sudden or gradual drop in your site traffic.

#5 Strong Competition

Competition exists in every industry and especially if you are facing intense competition but don’t have a high budget to invest in digital marketing to compete with your competitors.


Fun Fact: Google changes its search engine algorithm roughly 500 – 600 times per year

Closing Thoughts

Besides the 5 telltale signs listed above, there are a number of other factors contributing to non-conversions which you may not be even aware of. Factors such as speed, interface or even aesthetics in your web design may affect search and keyword rankings and conversions. Do not wait until your website becomes ineffective before seeking help. Every business website needs to be constantly optimised in order to fulfil its supposed function in generating a consistent stream of new leads and conversions. Take control of your web traffic today.

We use real-time data and analytics to help you understand your current online positioning and your customers, together with other SEO tactics we help you to push up your ranking on Google organically. SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve your ranking on Google in the long run. Are you unsure if your site is optimised? We perform thorough SEO audit checks and provide holistic solutions to ensure your site is updated and fully search engine optimised. Send us now, your website for a free SEO audit!

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