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see a 33% increase in revenue.

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Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligations, digital brand audit today!


Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligations, digital brand audit today!

Award-Winning Branding Agency

We enable brands to flow with change in order to grow.

By constantly exploring and experimenting with ideas, we amplify your brand through credible data-based strategies, campaigns, and digital solutions.

So that your customers reach out to you, remember you, and return to you.


Our solutions help you to…


Form meaningful relationships with your customers to increase brand loyalty.


Introduce your brand to a wider audience to increase brand awareness.


Connect you to like-minded collaborators and customers to enrichen brand experience.

EDG Grant for Branding

Defray up to 80%* of the branding project cost under the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) by Enterprise Singapore
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Case Study #1


Rebranding /  Website Design / Logo Design

Established in 1973, Sin Giap Seng has a wealth of experience in the steel fabrication business and delivers quality work at competitive prices.

Despite being one of the longest standing companies in their industry, Sin Giap Seng saw the need to brand and develop digitally to keep up with modern times. Having a brand is easy, but sustainably growing it is not, hence why they chose to rebrand.

As a result, Etereo was tasked to define their brand values and assets clearly, and to align them to their brand identity. We achieved the goals that they outlined for us, which was a professional image and representation of their brand, with both context and meaning that goes deep beyond the surface.

Case Study #2

ADORE だいすき

Branding /  Website Design / Packaging Design / Communication Design

ADORE だいすき is the first local brand in Singapore to innovate sanitary care that inhibits bacterial growth in 2013.

Her purpose was clear – that is to help women with their feminine hygiene care. However, ADORE だいすき learnt the harsh consequences of targeting a mass market without a clearly defined audience. For the past three years, their growth was stagnant, and they saw negative results despite putting in more effort into marketing. Their marketing budget went to waste.

Etereo was tasked to analyse the problem and plug the gaps. We did so by redefining their target audience, crafting a consistent brand system for them, and curating engaging verbal and visual content to engage their target audience.

Case Study #3


Branding / Communication Design

Since 1996, Fiore Dorato has been known in the industry for their luxury floral arrangements that exude elegance and boldness.

Brenda, the founder of Fiore Dorato, set herself apart from her contemporaries by positioning her brand uniquely from the beginning. As one of the leading florists in Singapore with well-grounded positioning, you might be surprised to find out that even Fiore Dorato needed rebranding.

The major motivation to rebrand was because she did not want her brand identity diluting as she expanded across multiple channels. As such, Etereo stepped in to solidify the direction for Fiore Dorato so that her brand essence is not lost in translation or misinterpreted in any way, even as she grew as a brand to greater heights.

What Our Clients Have To Say


Through this project, we realised that marketing is not increasing budget or running promotions. Instead, its success depends on well-planned strategies with a consistent brand system as its linchpin. Kellyn introduced the power of data to guide our plans, and the know-hows of engaging our customers through digital channels. Their efforts have proven to be effective and efficient for my brand.


The rebranding exercise was an eye-opener for my team and I. Etereo’s team is bold in their ideas and designs, unafraid to share, and daring enough to lead the change in my industry. Their content writing is amazing and gives context to the designs that they propose. Through this exercise, I’ve learnt that rebranding is not just about logo design or visuals but segues into so much more.


Finding the right agency to help your brand grow is never easy, and we are happy to have found Etereo. Wendy and her team are passionate, dedicated, and professional in their work. Adept in creating engaging content, they convey feelings through meaningful messages by combining artistic visuals and engaging verbal expressions for my brand to form deeper relationships with our clients.


It was high time for our brand to seriously look into rebranding after 3 decades. We walked away with valuable insights and strategies which gave us amazing results and direction for the years to come. Nick is helpful, sincere, and willing to share his knowledge to take our brand further. He even took the initiative to connect me with his network, allowing me to meet like-minded collaborators.


This is our 2nd time working together and Etereo has never failed to surprise me with their quality of work. Emily’s team thinks ahead of what my brand will need in the future and advises me on the possible restrictions and challenges that we might face. Even after the project ends, her team continues to check on our progress. With Etereo, I trust that my brand is in good hands.

Are you ready to refine your brand so that she can be seen and heard digitally?

Digital Branding

/ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l/ /ˈbrandɪŋ/

Developing and managing a brand over a range of digital venues.

(Trust us, it’s harder than it sounds.)

3 Compelling Reasons for You to Embark on a Digital Branding Journey


Distinguish yourself from competitors.


Build a stronger online presence.


Connect better with a wider audience.

Let us take you through the digital branding journey.

Brand Audit

We conduct a digital analysis (website and social media) in terms of statistics and strategies. We also do an in-depth analysis to discover your company’s niche.

Brand Strategy

We strategise verbal and visual content that is tightly aligned to your target audience and craft a system that will guide your brand to ensure consistency.

Brand Activation

We equip you with the fundamental tools your brand will need, such as the brand logo, colours and typeface. Digital assets will be refurbished and polished, resulting in a consistently clear outlook for your brand.

82% Of Consumers Feel More Positive About a Brand After Reading Customised Content

Of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding brands to support.

Of consumers say that transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand.

Increase in brand recognition when you use a signature colour for your brand.

Why Us?

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”
William Shakespeare, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

At Etereo, our brand consultants are certified (TR43:2015) Management Consultants by the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), NLP Practitioners, American Board of NLP (ABNLP), NLP University and other boards.

Expect nothing but the best from us, because our work is a culmination of individual strengths, refined to perfection.

Tiny but mighty, small but effective. Our team has had more than a decade of experience superseding the requirements of SMEs in Singapore. We’re well equipped to address the real-world challenges faced by you!