From a brand agency’s perspective, we believe in consistent engagement, from designs to messages that a brand shares socially. Apart from management, campaigns are also part of the strategy for reach out and not forgetting continuous testing for optimal results.

Before you start on social media marketing,
get yourself familiar with these first:


Know what you want first

Be it direct sales, leads generation, attendance or brand awareness, you have to clear in your goals as they affect your strategies and budget!

Use data diligently and tactfully for pre and post campaigns

Gone are the days when decisions are made by guessing! Analysing data to make smart decisions is the way to go!

Plan your media calendar

Every post has an intent and ultimately, all posts help to create your story.

Never neglect A/B testing

Seize your audience for your campaigns to arrive at conversion at the lowest possible cost.

Collaboration & co-working brings you to greater heights

Never underestimate the power of group effort, working with communities gives your budget an extra mile.

Tracking and evaluation is way to enhance your success and do away with failures

Designs and ideas cannot be recycled, you need to know which are the ones that are working and further enhance on them.

Ready to work on your social media accounts?

At Etereo, We Fulfill These Conditions

Increase Traffic

Reach Out to More Customers

Correct Target Audience

Increase Retention

Increase Sales

Standing Out from Others

We are enthusiastic about working with like-minded brands, to create their brand presence in the digital realm.

We Elevate your Brand

Setting your brand apart is critical, hence we design unique content to represent your brand and its reputation.

Commitment & Transparency

ROI is measured across your social media channels through real-time data, analytics & insights. We rationlise these numbers & make strategic decisions to improve your campaigns.

Target Audience

We study your buyer persona carefully with highly intelligent software & our professional expertise to define your unique audience sets.

Less Selling, More Storytelling

We build impactful yet emotionally-triggering content to inspire & draw engagements & attachments. We believe that memories from emotional connections outlive facts, thus deepen brand recall.

Like- Minded Experts

Our team of strategists, copywriters, designers, social media managers, & data analysts work closely together to increase your reach & brand presence while delivering content that stay relevant & true to your brand.

Knowledge Transfer

We love to share our ideas and knowledge with our clients. At Etereo, one of the best ways to foster strong relationships is through transparency and this is how we grow together as partners .

Our Client Story


ADORE だいすき


Sanitary napkins
Panty liners

Celebrating Our Partnership


Established by Takara Holdings, ADORE incorporates the latest technology into its range of sanitary napkins & panty liners, improving your well-being throughout your period & in your daily life.

​Etereo’s role is to provide strategic & design solutions to ADORE’s overall digital marketing campaigns, focusing on driving brand awareness for the brand through Social Media platforms and different marketing outreach campaigns.

Goal Setting


Initially it was discussed during one of our pre-launched discussions to develop a strategy targeted at females aged 16-24.

Through our deep-analysis findings, we found that the actual consumers are aged 30 & above. Hence, we were able to build another buyer persona to target consumers more accurately.


Drive brand awareness

Social media content distribution

Altering consumer brand loyalty

Generate sales revenue


Brand retention & brand referral

Brand differentiation

Increase in market share

Expansion of new markets

Content Building


Before kickstarting this project, we conducted a deep analysis on our target audience & their consumer behaviour, allowing us to better conceptualise on our social media branding & content.

To keep our audience updated on a regular basis, we update our Facebook & Instagram thrice a week. By sharing stories, news & well-being tips, such as confidence-boosting & self-care content, we are adding holistic values to their wellness instead of just “hard-selling” on the benefits of the brand.

For brand reach, we incite new customers through Facebook marketing and Instagram campaigns. The interactive campaigns achieved new heights and generated new insights for future marketing ideas.

Marketing Outreach Campaign


With our product sampling campaign, we managed to increase ADORE’s exposure in a competitive marketplace & grab the attention of a large group of potential consumers. Collaborations with other synergise brands, sports & wellness partners, speakers & micro-influencers are also ongoing, to further expand our brand presence & reach. In-store promotions such as limited time discounts & free gifts with purchase have delivered positive results too.

Significant Results (Within 3 Months)


In a short period of time, we managed to enjoy positive results from our marketing efforts. Not only did brand awareness for ADORE increase exponentially, but we also received 99% good reviews from product sampling, 1000% increase in leads, 30% increase in revenue* & 30% increase in fanbase.

*Calculated by actual purchase and collated from all stores

“We trust Etereo in our digital marketing journey. Their leads generation tool is unique & impressive. We generated 10× more results within a month at a much lower cost! We will continue to work with them as their cost & results are transparent.”

Simon Teong
Director of Takara Holdings Pte Ltd

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