Social Media Campaigns

“The social media web is a very noisy one indeed and making sure that you are heard requires you to shout more effectively, rather than louder.”


David Amerland

Social media campaigns we specifically devise for your brand are all-encompassing, realistic, and fall within range of an advised budget. By delving right down to the nitty gritty details of your brand’s needs, we ensure that our solutions balance both sustainable and realistic results to help your brand achieve her set campaign goals.

Here’s how we do things differently:

1. We set your objectives together.

Be it direct sales, generating leads, attention, brand awareness, or brand loyalty, we understand your brand’s goals thoroughly to plan suitable strategies and budgets accurately.

2. We use data diligently and tactfully.

Gone are the days when decisions were made by guessing. Analysing campaign data before and after helps us make informed decisions to improve your brand’s strategy.

3. We plan and streamline your content.

By posting content with a specific intent, we string together various posts to tell a compelling story about your brand to your target audience.

4. We conduct rigorous A/B testing for campaigns.

We help your brand maximise conversions at the lowest cost possible by narrowing down and focusing on the right target audience through A/B testing.

5. We actively seek collaboration and group effort.

Never underestimate the power of working with other communities. With the power of collaboration, we help your brand reach a wider target audience and make your budget go the extra mile.

6. We track and evaluate your progress.

Designs and ideas cannot be recycled repeatedly. By tracking and evaluating your campaign journey, we have a clearer picture on what works and what can be further improved upon.  

Lye Heng Food Supplies

“Data will talk, if you’re willing to listen.”

Jim Bergeson

Established in 1978, Lye Heng Food Supplies began as a humble catering service, dedicated to perfecting their buffet spread to the satisfaction of their customers. Trusted by faithful clients from government bodies and private parties, Lye Heng is a renowned brand, and their buffets are stringently quality controlled.

Leveraging on the digital realm to expand.

To catch up with the times, Lye Heng saw the need to go digital. However, without the right knowledge to embark on social media campaigns, they struggled with the inability to translate their appetising buffet spread into engaging content that would result in conversions.

Going based off their gut feel, Lye Heng invested in online advertising through social media. However, they were throwing their budget without focusing their campaigns in the right direction. For marketers, when campaigns don’t work, increasing the budget should never be the first instinct.

The preparation.

By conducting in-depth market research on Lye Heng’s target audience and competitors’ digital activities, we gathered valuable insights and identified the behavioural trends of their target audience, which could then be used to fine-tune their target audience setting. This includes which platforms their customers are on, and what they are interested in. All these will help focus Lye Heng’s budget in a targeted direction, minimising wastage.

The follow-up.

As always, collating data about the campaigns is crucial to improvement for future launches. The average person must see an advertisement seven times before reacting to it, which is why we also ran re-targeting campaigns to entice interested parties to convert. All these boils down to the behavioural trends of customers, and what we can do to convince them into converting.

Increasing conversions, without busting your budget.

At the end of their campaign, Lye Heng saw a sharp increase in their orders without overshooting or increasing their initial budget. As marketers, we cannot consider increasing the budget without a limit. Instead, we should be looking at methods to make your budget work for you, rather than the other way around.

Furthermore, the consistency of each digital marketing campaign is important, as each can increase brand awareness and loyalty amongst customers. Having one good campaign is not enough – each must be consistently similar to imprint the brand in the minds of their consumers. With each campaign run, we have more data on Lye Heng’s customers in the long run, which will help our future campaigns do better and better.

The launch.

In the food catering industry where visuals play a key role in capturing the attention of their target audience, we combined tasteful designs and photography with engaging copywriting to pull their audience in, make their mouths water, and to ultimately convert into paying customers. Furthermore, we conducted rigorous pilot testing during the launch to understand what advertisements did better, taking note of the content used to further improve upon it for future campaigns.