About Purpur

A new look to welcome the turn of the new decade.

Established in 2002, Purpur has been around for the past two decades in the local women’s fashion scene.
With physical stores in shopping malls all over Singapore, Purpur decided to take the next step by expanding and strengthening its online communication channels.
Prior to doing so, they decided to visualise a new look for themselves to reflect their next steps in the Singaporean fashion industry.

Creative Direction

The creative direction for Purpur’s visual identity stemmed from its new brand system, which revolves around happiness and inclusivity.
With their consumers’ happiness in mind, they would design and manufacture clothing for them, so that they are incandescently happy with Purpur’s clothes.


Given the variety of collaterals their logo would be on, we had to ensure that their logo was versatile.
Hence, we decided to pair a word mark and script typeface together for their logo. The script typeface can be used as a design element throughout their visual identity.
Because it looks handwritten, it adds a personal touch to the otherwise forward-looking and modern font used for the word mark.


To reflect Purpur’s values, their photography style is youthful and warm.
Natural lighting plays a key part in encapsulating the approachability and vibrancy that Purpur embodies.
Models engaged for photoshoots should encompass different ethnicities and sizes and look approachable and friendly.


To fit Purpur’s new direction, we chose a softer, muted shade of purple to replace their previous primary brand colour.
We also chose a complementary yellow to add a pop of colour to their palette.

Packaging Design

The key to Purpur’s packaging design was personalisation.
To let the personally worded messages from Purpur stand out, we kept the design elements to a minimum, using organic shapes and colour blocking to allow the messages to shine.

Tone of Voice

Each lady is unique and special. Purpur acknowledges that and accounts for every lady who knocks at her door, searching for the perfect style and fit.
With their best interests in mind, Purpur is warm and sincere when communicating with her ladies.

Personalising digitalisation.

Personal touch is often lost when consumers shop online.
With its new visual identity and brand system in place, Purpur is ready to carve deeper connections and form tighter bonds with its ladies, even as they expand its digital reach.