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About Playpoint

Founded in 2001, Playpoint is an award-winning playground and landscaping consultancy.

They are experienced designers, engineers, safety inspectors, architects, educators and landscapers. They’ve spent the last two decades pushing the boundaries of playground and landscape design. They understand the joy of play and create experiences that are multi-sensory, educational, thrilling and safe.

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Playpoint Singapore SGMark Awards

Singapore Good Design Awards (SG Mark)

Established in 2013, the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) Awards seek to affirm and acknowledge companies that have enhanced development for businesses and enriched lives for communities through specialised solutions.

Projects submitted should relieve the challenges that businesses face, set the industry standard, and most importantly, present forward-looking strategic value to businesses for them to grow despite future challenges.

Announced in May 2021, we are excited to announce that we are proud recipients of the SG Mark Award under the branding category for Playpoint’s rebranding project.