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Our sister brand, Etereo, a creative agency, just released an F&B Trend Report. The report is the first of many free resources that Etereo plans to release throughout the year.

We understand the increasing competition within our economy. Business owners are consistently having to research and ideate new marketing content for their business having little time to think about growing it. As such, Etereo plans to release its findings monthly to keep our fellow owners up-to-date with what’s trending.


The methodology of Etereo’s trend report looks to digital platforms such as Google Trends, Facebook Audience Insights, and others to gather and compare data. This way, a more accurate trend can be seen with the addition of insights that each platform may provide that others don’t. Etereo has also taken into account what Google calls “seasonal risers”, which are internet searches that peak during specific times such as holidays, or global events that affect the search volume.

Currently, the reports focus on the F&B industry but will continue to expand its insights into other industries over time.

Focus areas of the F&B Trends Report:

  1. An overview of current food trends in Singapore.
  2. The report comprises of the top trends with three search terms that rank the highest in search volume.
  3. An actionable recommendation for businesses will accompany each trend.

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Why a Trends Report?

The goal of the trend report is two-fold. One is to give prospects a reason to trust you. Two is to help other businesses in areas that they would otherwise have to pay for or tediously discover themselves.

We share the same ideology as Etereo when it comes to sharing resources. Etereo believes that only good can come out of sharing, especially if its resources that others might be making a profit. Providing something that is beneficial to your prospects helps them to trust you.

Rather than boasting about your products through advertisements – which is getting a lot harder to do, give them something they can implement leaving a positive impression. Half-the-battle might have already been won.

Building trust is a cornerstone of good branding. An article by Prahalad on Harvard Business Review has a more in-depth explanation of trust and brands. How your business conducts itself is also a determinant of the amount of trust a customer would give you too. If they trust you, your business will be more credible and remembered by customers. They would also be willing to hear more about your products and interact with your brand.

Start finding a way to build the relationship with your customers and trust with prospects. What can you show or provide that will let them appreciate the effort and trust you?